Web Maps - Sign Up

Get started with web map services by following these steps:

  1. Create Account. You will need to login to set up layers and buy map services.
  2. Set Up Layers. This is where you upload your GIS data files and provide information on each layer.
    1. Click the "Add New Layer" button to add a layer.
    2. Provide the following information for each layer:
      1. Title. This is the title of the layer which typically will be displayed in the map table of contents.
      2. Description. A description of the layer. This will support search engines finding the layers as well as provide optional information to users of your map.
      3. Keywords (optional). Keywords separated by commas for the layer. This is used by search engines to find the layer.
      4. Display Requests. Describe how the layer is to be displayed. This includes attributes and symbology. You should also upload a file that shows symbols used for the layer.
      5. Display File. A file to upload that shows how the layer is to be displayed. You could set up the layer locally and then upload a screen shot of the layer in the map and table of contents. You could also upload an ArcMap document (.mxd) with the layer loaded. The maximum file size is 500 MB.
      6. GIS Data. An archive file (.zip, etc.) containing a shapefile set, or a GeoTiff (.tif) file. The maximum file size is 500 MB. The shapefile set should include files with the following extensions: .shp, .shx, .dbf, .prj.
      7. Additional Requests (optional). Additional requests such as minimum and maximum display scale, supported EPSG codes, etc. If you don’t specify EPSG codes, we will set up your layer to support the following:
        • EPSG 4326 (latitude/longitude based on the WGS84 datum)
        • EPSG 900913/3857/102113/3785/102100 (Spherical Mercator)
    3. Click the “Save Layer” button to simultaneously upload GIS data files and layer information. Please be patient as the layer information and files upload to the server. Also, you need to click the “Save Layer” button separately for each layer. If you try to select a different layer before saving the current layer, you will be prompted to save first.
  3. Buy Map Services. You can also try a 1 month free trial for 1 layer.
    1. Your current number of layers along with any unused already purchased service time (30 day layer months) is displayed.
    2. Select the number of service months you would like to purchase from the drop down list. The system will distribute months evenly among your layers, even when you have existing months applied to just some of your layers.
    3. The total cost is calculated and displayed.
    4. Click the Pay Now button to purchase these services through the Pay Pal system.
    5. After successfully purchasing through PayPal, the system will update your account information to indicate the bought services. An email will be sent indicating your purchase. Kingbird Software will start the process of setting up your layers based on the provided information. If necessary, we will email or call you regarding the details of your purchase.