Web Maps - Introduction

Many organizations, businesses, and government agencies have geospatial data they would like to make available to the public on the web. This process often involves expensive software license costs and skilled GIS analysts to set up the map server.

Kingbird software has an inexpensive solution for providing a quick and easy deployment of web map services for your own data. The system we use is designed specifically for organizations with the following data and needs:

  • A need to simply provide web map services without the need for specialized geoprocessing operations on the server.
  • Limited expertise for setting up a map server.
  • Limited budget for paying high annual license costs and maintaining a map server.
  • A need to quickly deploy map services.
  • Have their own unique geospatial data and would like to make this data available to the public as web map services.
  • A limited number of geospatial datasets to share with the general public, making the costly and timely process of setting up a map server not worth the effort.

The system provides the following benefits:

  • Ability to test web map services with a free trial.
  • Pay for just a few months if needed for testing purposes.
  • Free map server and layer setup.
  • Stable cloud based system using Amazon Web Services.
  • Tile caching to improve performance.
  • Significant cost savings when compared to alternatives.
  • Thin client available for displaying an interactive map in your own web page.
  • Customer support by phone or email (no charge).
  • Custom web application development as needed.