Other Services and Projects Completed

Kingbird Software has extensive experience in GIS software development. The following additional projects and services have been completed during the last 14 years.

VB.NET Training, The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

Kingbird Software conducted an introductory VB.NET training course for The Sanborn Map Company for use in internal GIS software development. The course consisted of a basic introduction to VB.NET as well as a tutorial for building an actual tool used internally by Sanborn employees.

GEOBOOK Author, The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

Design and development of the GEOBOOK Author product. This application allows users to create their own GEOBOOKs using a user friendly interface. The GEOBOOK integrates interactive maps, text, and images in a familiar book-like interface. The application is designed for users with little or no GIS experience. Ken Bunzel was the developer of this product while employed with The Sanborn Map Company.

Kentucky Division of Forestry GeoBook Author, The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

A custom version of the GEOBOOK Author application was built for the state of Kentucky to assist in the production of forest plan GEOBOOKs for private landowners. This version included a custom bookshelf application to provide a user-friendly interface for organizing GEOBOOKs. Ken Bunzel was the developer of this product while employed with The Sanborn Map Company.

Marketing GEOBOOK, The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

This GEOBOOK creates MS Word document “flyers” for completed projects. The GEOBOOK allows the user to search for projects in our company database using various search tools. Basic service flyers can be viewed within the GEOBOOK or printed out. The GEOBOOK is used as a tool within the company to distribute information on past projects and services to potential clients. Ken Bunzel was the developer of this product while employed with The Sanborn Map Company.

ESRI Conference GEOBOOK, Space Imaging, LLC

A GEOBOOK of San Diego was created specifically to be distributed at the ESRI conference in San Diego. The GEOBOOK features a 3-D Fly by movie of San Diego based on IKONOS data, and a link to Terra Explorer 3-D Visualization software. An interactive map allows users to search for hotels, attractions, and restaurants. Prepared for ESRI UC 2000 as a marketing give away. This GEOBOOK demonstrates an integrated data stack for the City of San Diego with a focus on GDT vectors corrected to match 1 m IKONOS imagery for central city. Also, demonstrates Land use/Cover and pervious/impervious classifications from 1 m IKONOS. Includes 3-D flyby of IKONOS imagery embedded in a page, and installation of TerraExplorer Basic software for real time 3-D flying of IKONOS imagery. Query tools are linked directly to the Interactive Map page to allow user to search for landmarks, such as restaurants, hotels, attractions, using a full database implemented thru pull down options. Ken Bunzel was the developer of this product while employed with Space Imaging.

USFS Database Translation Tool, Pacific Meridian Resources

The forest service contracted with Pacific Meridian Resources to create a basic data conversion tool in ArcView 3.x. The tool converts existing GIS layers to layers in standard forest service format. Fields in existing layers can be mapped to standard fields so that values can be copied / converted. The tool also allows creating new GIS layers in standard format. Ken Bunzel was the primary developer of this tool while employed by Pacific Meridian Resources.