Web Maps - Details

System Design

The preconfigured system uses a combination of open source software such as GeoServer, OpenLayers, GeoExt, and Ext JS. The system is hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud. A detailed description of the system design is available here.

Web Map Services Available

Kingbird Software provides low cost web mapping services using the open source GIS components described in the system design combined with custom GIS software. We will support all aspects of setting up and maintaining the map servers using preconfigured systems. You won’t need to learn how to set up a map server or hire someone else to do it.

The services we provide include map server setup, map layer setup, map server maintenance, and map client configuration. A tile cache is created for each layer using GeoWebCache. This significantly improves performance for the map display. We will cache the layers in 2 spatial reference systems (latitude/longitude based on the WGS84 datum and Spherical Mercator, unless specified otherwise). All web map services will be available to the general public without login constraints.

Custom software development is available if needed to further enhance the existing map client to suit your needs. Please contact Kingbird Software for more information or sign up for preconfigured web map services today.